“What is striking about biking is not that it solves any particular problem but, instead, that it is part of the solution to several.” —

J. Harry Wray

Friday, 23 September 2011

If They Could Do It...

...then why can't we? (Sigh...)

And please don't trot out the usual excuses about "hills", "weather" and all the rest of them. They've been thoroughly debunked before.

Wake up Britain.


(Hat tip to Munchenierung for the heads-up; and to Marc van Woudenberg, aka "Amsterdamize" for making an excellent little film.)


David J said...

Great find. This is about the best cycling propaganda video I've seen. I especially like the way they show that the move toward a bicycle friendly environment was deliberate!
A decision was made and they followed through with policy and infrastructure!
There is still a chance the rest of us could do the same.

workbike said...

I hear you. I'm looking at a possible trip to my parents in York UK via Rotterdam and Hull (to avoid the madness that will be London during the Olympics) and it was a shock to be reminded of the differences: From Rotterdam Centraal station to the port is a simple matter on clear safe cycle lanes, from Hull Port to the railway station looks so dangerous I wonder if a taxi may be better after all.

On the other hand, I still think hills will be an issue: we live in a very hilly area and they look scary unless you are used to them, multi gear bikes cost more than simpler bikes for flat geography, and it's hard to build a cycle lane next to a road of the road is clinging to a hillside.

Mind you, where roads cross valleys on viaducts it would be a simple matter to add a cycle way but even that is too much for our car-centric government...