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J. Harry Wray

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Helping the Less Mobile Amongst Us

This post is not about promoting cycling, but I'm posting it as it is in the spirit of this blog in the sense that we like to help promote alternatives to the Great Car Infestation.

Our local council has been working hard to improve access to buses for the less mobile amongst us - wheel chair users for instance - by building raised kerbs at bus stops.

Here's one on the A367 between Radstock and Peasedown St. John, Somerset.

Note the beautifully laid rectangle of tarmac behind the raised kerb so that users can get on and off their bus with little difficulty.

Note, also, the surrounding terrain.

Quite how users are expected to access the beautifully laid rectangle of tarmac is left to their initiative.

Yes. Initiative. Something which is apparently not a basic requirement if you want to become a council highways engineer.


lehommeauvelo said...

It is good ,a Weedy Clumped up stretch of Earth and what appears to be a watery Ditch behind. If the Invalid just supposing tried to wheel themselves along this Earthen Clump of Weeds they are in a Strong Danger of falling into the Ditch.

The Council Workers seem to be Programmed like Robots to built the Bus Stop and nothing else,no Paths on either side. we are only Following Orders,very Ballardian to quote ( Crap Waltham Forests Blog )

WestfieldWanderer said...

To add insult to injury I forgot to mention that the actual bus stop sign is 100 yards back towards Radstock.

On a footway.

John said...

been on the watch for something like this around Leeds, nothing yet but i am sure i will find an example. we do have some wonky cycle lanes though.

sexify said...

A needless waste of money through careless planning.

Proof if any were needed that commonsense-free '70s-era transport planning is still not quite dead.


Nick said...

Joined-up thinking is still, it seems, a rarity. Sometimes I despair!

welshcyclist said...

Real council tax value there then ?

workbike said...

That's the sort of thing I was glad to leave behind when I came here. Traffic planners are far more aware of issues like this...

Wait, there's one of these in Ostfildern...

Okay, well outside of Ostfildern they are anyway.